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Our Story

Equity advisory

We would be the first to admit our positioning around the advisory table is not immediately obvious. To make matters more complicated; the advisory table is itself changing shape.

The reality is that the traditional roles of corporate broker, financial advisor and financial public relations belong to a stock market that no longer exists. Once well understood advisory boundaries and responsibilities have broken down. Regulation (predominantly MiFID II) but also tectonic shifts in stock market economics have changed the market landscape irreversibly.

The constant in all this change is the simple and continuing need for a quoted company to engage investors. Everything we do for our clients, whether advisory or execution, has this investor engagement sitting at the heart.

Ironically, it is clear that the needs of listed companies have not changed, nor have the needs of investors. If anything, as the capital markets have become more complex, company needs have actually increased as the pressure mounts on Boards to extract full value from being listed.

We founded Radnor with the purpose of bridging the ever-widening gap between companies and investors.  Our model is unique; built for purpose; forged out of a changing landscape; designed and shaped around what our corporate clients actually need. The success we have had since founding our business tells us that we are on the right track. 

Since 2016, we have worked with a broad range of clients across a spectrum of sectors and market caps. Without exception, these clients came to us through recommendation or referral. Why?

Put simply, these clients believed that the conventional approach was not working. They wanted to take a more bold and front-foot approach.



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